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As a great expert in her field of work, Dr Baum is frequently being asked to talk for various media, be it a newspaper, internet portal, TV station or something else. If you missed it, check what she had to say on various issues about skin and beauty.

TV appereances

Univision Neutrogena – HSLM DA Custom Segment

Univision Neutrogena – DC DA Custom Segment

Univision Neutrogena – Hydroboost Custom Segment

Cómo hacer un peeling en casa

La forma correcta de aplicar los productos de belleza en tu rostro

Mitos y verdades de los productos de belleza

Cuidado de la piel en todo el cuerpo

Aumento de labios con juviderm y restylane silk

Elimina las várices con escleroterapia

Rejuvenecimiento facial con láser pixel

Univision Neutrogena – DC DA Custom Segment

Bertha Baum en 99TV @SOiTV Mayo 14, 2012

99TV en SOiTV Mayo 14, 2012

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