How to fight and remove stretch marks

Tired of those terrible greyish, purple, and red stretch marks that destroy the appearance of your skin? Are you wondering if or how you can remove them? If so, this is the article for you. Here is some basic information and some great advice to help you with that.

Stretch marks are an aesthetic problem that usually occurs as a result of pregnancy, during adolescence due to a sudden weight loss, or as a result of a rapid increase in muscle mass (such as excessive intake of creatine). They appear on the skin in the form of lines but do not worry- they are not harmful to your health.

There are several effective ways to alleviate the appearance of stretch marks, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to completely remove them or totally stop them from appearing. Here are some tips to help you

1. Intervention

The best advice is to act on the stretch marks in the early stages of their appearance. You can identify these early stages by color. If they are purple or reddish they can be more easily dealt with. The sooner you notice them, the more effective the treatment will work.

2. Vitamin E

Be sure to increase your intake of this vitamin. It is essential for the health of your skin and for its fresh and healthy appearance. The best sources of vitamin E are whole grains, almonds, peanuts, vegetable oil. It is also beneficial to eat yogurt, fruits and vegetables (especially beans), all which contain vitamins, salts, and proteins that help the skin to regenerate. Include them in your diet and if necessary, consult your doctor about using supplements in capsules that contain vitamin E.

3. Care

Skincare must start from puberty due to the action of hormones. Hormones are the main cause of skin changes, including stretch marks. Therefore, skin care is the best means of protection and the best method for preventing stretch marks from occurring in the first place. There is a large selection of cosmetic products for body care and you need to choose ones that increase the skin’s elasticity and reconstruction of fiber. It is best to choose a good moisturizer for the body that is rich with plant extracts to improve the structure of fibers, or a skin nourishing body milk. This is another natural way that can help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks, even once they have already emerged. Body milks, moisturizing creams, and body lotions usually contain vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are beneficial to the skin. Consult with your dermatologist about which product will best suit your skin type. Always choose the best quality products, do not scrimp on it, because in many ways this will help preserve your skin’s health and vitality. In the morning and evening after bathing or showering you should apply a layer of cream or body milk on well dried skin. Gently massage it until it is well absorbed. Naturally, particular attention should be paid to the critical body parts.

4. Aloe Vera

It’s common knowledge that this is a great plant which has multiple positive effects on our health. Among other things, it can be successfully used for fighting unwanted stretch marks and for maintaining healthy and fresh appearance of the skin. It is commonly found in creams, lotions, or sprays.

5. Laser removal

In addition to these natural methods we have presented to you, you can always opt for professional cosmetic treatments, such as the laser removal of stretch marks. Before making a final decision, we recommend that you first consult with a professional dermatologist in order to be well informed about this method. Laser removal is considered very effective and its positive effects can already be seen after the first treatment. However, for the best results, it is necessary to do several treatments spaced out over the course of a month or two.

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